Juan Bascopé, Beekeeper (Apolo)

“From July 17 to July 20 they tortured me... They kicked me in the head, hitting me against the concrete floor. They grabbed my head to punch me in the head. They beat me on the back... they put black nylon bag over my face and closed it... they covered my mouth and nose and my hands were pinned forward, with my feet tied. Then, I was punched and kicked while I was trampling on the floor... I had fractures in the septum, cheekbone and ribs. They broke my hand by putting irons between my fingers and squeezing... The most terrible thing was when they told me: "Your wife and children are in Obrajes and she is being raped".

Yuliano Arista

In the Belaunde case, a lawyer was severely tortured and Yuliano Arista (Curaca Blanco) and his daughter Carmen Arista were subjected to a classical method of psychological torture, which is to threaten to attack the family if they do not give information. When Yuliano Arista arrived in La Paz, he was received by a government authority who said: "Tell us where Belaunde is, otherwise you and your family will be fucked and." When he found out that her daughter had been arrested, he fell apart. He was willing to pay anything for her to be released. He asked how much they wanted. Major Larrea, the head of the investigation told him 10,000 USD. However, Arista had only 2,000 USD and he was told: 'If you care, you give me 8,000 USD later.'

His daughter, Carmen Arista, recalls: "On the road from Caracollo to La Paz, Coronel Ramos told me: 'Your dad has told us everything'. When I was able to communicate with him, he told me: 'Say everything you know.' I did not know anything, but I got scared when I heard him talking, he sounded bad and weak. I was desperate and called for a lawyer in Brazil whose telephone number I had. I was able to communicate with Martin and I told him with pain in my soul, asking for his forgiveness, that he would surrender because the family was detained.'"

Radio taxi driver, Mrs. (40)

"They tightened my handcuffs and began to beat me with punches, they stepped on my feet while they interrogated me about a kidnapping. As I did not say anything, they covered my head with a nylon bag and began to suffocate me and hit me from time to time in the mouth. Then they applied electric shocks to my legs and right buttock... They threw me to the floor face downwards, stripping me from the waist up and again they applied even stronger electric shocks with a stick. They continued until I urinated and to finish, they hit my face against the floor and left me in that position. While they were beating me they threatened that they were going to kill me and that they were going to rape me: "We are going to put a stick in front of you and from the back", "We are going to kill you and throw you in a ravine", "We are going to kill your parents and your son".

Angel Piluy (Apolo)

"For 2 days I was a victim of constant torture by hooded men and other members of the police whom I could recognize. I was without legal support. They took us handcuffed into a wagon and I was handcuffed for 8 hours. They were threatening to butt me in the chest and give me electric shocks with a some kind of pistol. They asked me, where is Juan? In the end, they threatened to throw me into a bag."

José Cantoral (Peruvian Refugee in Bolivia)

He was arrested and mistreated physically and verbally by hooded police officers. He had to sign statements without reading them and was not allowed to observe the raid of his home... He was beaten on the head, in the stomach and threatened with death. A black plastic bag was placed on his head and they covered his mouth and nose with a hand, preventing him from breathing... They counted to 10 and then allowed him to breathe a little: "at times I just swallowed a breath of air and they stopped me from breathing again. I almost lost my consciousness because I have respiratory problems."