Acknowledgment by the Honourable Council of the Municipal Government of the First Section of Achacachi, Omasuyos Province, in honour of the cooperation and training activities for the youth of the province.

January 27, 2006. Achacachi.


For providing support and solidarity with the struggle of retirees to achieve their demands and to break the neoliberal model from 2000 to 2005.


Recognition by the Autonomous Municipal Government of Achacachi for ITEI's participation to celebrate the International Day of Non-Violence against Women.


November 25, 2014. Achacachi.


Acknowledgment by the Honourable Plenary Council of the Autonomous Municipal Government of Achacachi for the training of Young Leaders of the Omasuyos Province.

June 18, 2015. Achacachi.


Recognition by the Defensoría Del Pueblo (the Ombudsman's Office) for ITEI's outstanding contributions to construct history of the human rights violations in Bolivia and invaluable support for the victims of violence.


Acknowledgment by the former political prisoners for the rehabilitation provided by ITEI for the torture victims of Bolivia's military dictatorships.

December 6, 2016. La Paz.

You can read the complete document here.


Recognition by the Defensoría del Pueblo (the Ombudsman's Office) for ITEI's contribution to promote human rights.

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La Paz - Bolivia

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