ITEI generates resources and organises courses aimed at professionals in the areas of psychotraumatology, psychotherapy, law, medicine and social work. Secondly, we organise courses on human rights, social, reproductive, economic and cultural rights as well as the rights of the young people in rural areas.

ITEI also organises workshops in the prisons of La Paz with security personnel, administrative staff and inmates. The purpose of these workshops is to reduce intra-prison violence, which is very high in Bolivia, and to introduce the international rules of Nelson Mandela, Bangkok and Havana. By introducing these rules, ITEI aims to improve the humanity of prison treatment and conditions. Furthermore, the Bangkok rules aim to enhance gender equality in prisons and the Havana rules aim to safeguard the rights of juvenile prisoners. You can read more about ITEI's prison workshops here.

Throughout the years ITEI has organised multiple conferences and seminars featuring academics, policy-makers, civil society advocates and international experts. Multiple topics have been covered during these conferences:

  • Strengthening of Public Policies on Human Rights and the Prevention of Torture

  • State violence

  • The concept of torture

  • Rehabilitation of torture

  • Impunity of human rights crimes

  • The role of women resisting military dictatorships.