Medical care

The purpose of the medical team is to treat affected people in order to detect and reduce the consequences of torture, state violence and other forms of human rights violations on a physical, biological and sexual level.

Physical torture: directly harms the body. Examples include blows, cuts, burns and electric shocks.

Biological torture: affects the body without touching it. Examples include deprivation of food and water, as well as overexposure to extreme temperatures.

Sexual Torture: harms the female or male genitals. Examples include rape, genital mutilation and sexual humiliation.

Medical care is performed in the following situations:

First and foremost, ITEI ensures that the people affected by torture, state violence and other forms of human rights violations receive adequate medical attention.

Secondly, ITEI provides medical attention in cases of emergency and social crisis through emergency projects. ITEI has experience of intervening in emergencies: 2003 in the city of El Alto during the gas war; 2008 in Chuquisaca after the events of May 24; 2008 in Pando after the events of September 11; and the same year in Alto Parapeti after the events of March and April.

Thirdly, ITEI has medical personnel and a vehicle to intervene in circumstances of political violence in the streets or protests. Examples include 'the march for survival' in January 2003, the eighth TIPNIS march, as well as the marches of miners, peasants and other labour sectors.

In addition, ITEI provides medical attention for people involved in hunger strikes.



Office attention


In our La Paz office (second office in Cochabamba until 2015) we provide primary medical care, such as examinations and medical treatments of other specialities.


What kind of attention do we provide?

In our office, the affected people are provided with the following:

  • Diagnosis of the consequences of torture

  • Treatment and relief of the consequences of torture - physical ailments, limiting the damages and minimizing the consequences

  • Physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation

  • Inter-consultations and/or referral to specialities

  • Translation of medical lexicon to patients who consult with other doctors

  • Psychological and medical expertise

Medical staff

Medical care is provided on Wednesdays from 09.00 to 12.00 by doctor Marcelo Flores Torrico.